[Story] “Will” and “Souffle” are childhood friends.
They promised to marry when they were still children
and have been going steady for a long looong time.

They married and were living a happy life but…
one day, Will was assailed by a monster on his
way to the royal capitol and cursed…

In order to save her beloved husband from the curse,
Souffle hardens her resolve and heads off on a journey.
But what perils await Souffle in the royal capitol…?

[Game Contents] In order to save Will, you must collect 10 “Orbs of Lewdness”.
The orbs can be obtained by events with the townsfolk,
by exploring the the dungeon and by cooking food.

Successfully avoiding all cucky cuck NTR events and
clearing the game will trigger a Happy End.
* All H scenes can be collected with seeing the Happy End.

[H Scenes] 36 base HCG / 69 H scenes
Most of the erotic events have stages of intensity that level up
the more that scene plays out. e.g. starts as sexual harassment
but ends up becoming hardcore adultery in the end.

Situations: male friends, OneShota (elder girl x younger boy),
hypnosis, pregnancy, suckling, massage, prostitution, etc.

* Reminiscence Mode
Can be played back from the main map.
The H scenes are composed of erotic content with the wife’s secret partner
and then awkward atmosphere and conversation between husband and wife.

[Regarding Battle Defeat] When the party is defeat, the heroine is saved by a knight companion
and ends up getting nice and intimate with him instead.

The defeat scene events are a little peculiar in how they progress.
After Defeat > Heroine returning home late / Husband worried
> Wife’s viewpoint is then unlocked in reminiscence mode.

Release Date:03/07/2017



Language: English
Voiced: Japanese 




–  English
Size: 427 MB

Windows: PixelDrive 

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