The main character “Len” who jumped out of an orphanage in the countryside to become an adventurer

However, at the first request, I was deceived by a bad adult and became a sentenceless sentence!

A female knight picks up a straightforward fallen life.

“let’s get married”

What! I even got married!

However, while urging this female knight, Ren, to get married, I can do all-you-can-eat erotic things with other men!

In order to make such a female knight admit that she is a full-fledged man, Ren aims to win the fighting tournament!

Besides, the maid of a super mini skirt and the daughter of a man with a navel are also mufufu!

ID: RJ312134
Language: Japanese
Developer: Kurisansemamu
Release Date: Dec/26/2020
Platform: Windows
Genre: Clothed, Male Protagonist, Legs, Stockings, Cheating/Adultery, Fantasy, Ahegao/Gapeface, Sexual Training


  • Windows


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