* Introduction
LunaSoft presents a classic real-time strategy game!

First you will Create your dungeon, expending resources to place rooms and passageways
and populate each floor with monster units (allies).

When the invasion begins you go to Battle, where units clash but also the
dungeon floors themselves take damage and may be destroyed.

If the humans makes their way to the “Labyrinth Core” the player will lose.
Stay vigilant and use your resources and units well.

* Capture and sex-train human women!
Heroines of the enemy units can be captured in battle,
corrupted, and controlled as allies in battle.
This part feels like an action game, and it’s fun
to wield the skills of the enemy units against themselves.

ID: RJ146551
Language: Japanese
Developer: LunaSoft
Release Date: Dec/26/2014
Platform: Windows
Genre: Fantasy, Breast Sex, Violation, Sexual Training, Corrupted Morals, Big Breasts


  • Windows
How to run Japanese H-Games
Use Locale Emulator *Download : https://pooi.moe/Locale-Emulator/
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