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Some of you guys may or may not remember X-Rabbits, but this developer is the same developer that created the “Alps & The Dangerous Forest” game, after nearly a year-long hiatus, he has came back to grace us with a new game which happens to be straight up an action game with combat element instead of puzzle action like the previous one. Said developer has revamped his website introducing the new protagonist by the name “Vivi” as well as opened up both Ci-En and Fantia option for those who want to support him, a free trial version of the game can be found in both his ci-en or fantia (links below, which reminds me, the paid content actually mentions it has an additional H scene other than just with the one enemy that has a H scene in the free trial)
Gameplay: Sidescrolling action/platformer. Judging by what I see from the trial, the animation quality is exactly what to expect similar to his previous work but with overall more details like how if you attack once and didn’t continue the combo, she will slowly sheathe her sword back or when she’s taken enough damage, her idle animation would show her being hurt, when you attack an enemy, you have a chance to stun the enemy (though I’m still unsure how the stun mechanic works here just yet), stunned enemy will take critical damage once you hit them and that will snap them out of being stun (though it seems you can inflict critical damage regardless whether the enemy is stunned or not, need confirmation on this), you can use your gun to inflict additional damage when headshotting enemies (this can also lead to stunning them, leaving them wide open to your sword attacks) you can also deflect enemy projectiles with either your sword or your gun as well. There’s some improvement in animation quality overall compared to his previous work but nonetheless, those who played “Alps & The Dangerous Forest” would know exactly what I meant.

H Content: Since we only got trial it’s a bit too early to judge, but seeing how impressive the quality of the previous game “Alps & The Dangerous Forest” was, guess we can expect a similar treatment for this game as well, hopefully. Though I’ll admit there’s a lot of much more refined animation in this one, but we’ll see as new updates gets released. There’s already one H scene in the free trial, but it did say there’s another additional H scene in the paid content, so not just the one from the free trial alone apparently.

A/D – Move left/right (when grabbed by an enemy, press both repeatedly to get out quickly) [while attacking, if you press the left/right button opposite to where the character is facing, she will perform a backstep)
W – Jump (you can jump to dodge certain enemy attacks just right before it hits you)
S – Crouch (while moving press S to slide)
Left Click – Attack (up to 4 attacks, left click also use to fire gun with while aiming)
Right Click – Aim (gun keeps up to 20 bullets) [you can move but slowly while aiming and you can only aim on the ground] R – Reload
Left Shift (Hold): Slows time (both for using magic and while aiming the gun)
Left Shift (Hold) + Click: Cast Magic
Esc – Pause



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