Keep your mission as a hero! No temptation RPG!
* Please be sure to check the operation of the game using the trial version. In addition, save data can be transferred to the product version.

[Ver1.1] All enemy characters have undergone bad luck processing and other additional corrections.

□ Story

After a long and painful battle, the hero who defeated the Demon King with his childhood friend Neria
However, on the verge of exhaustion, the Demon King murmured, “My resurrection is up to you, brave man.”
After that, the two who returned home are involved in a certain festival and go to the abandoned building behind.
Without knowing that it was the last dungeon full of lust.

□ System introduction

・ Battle forbidden to lust
The protagonist is tempted by the girls who roam the hall, but for some reason they cannot be lustful.
However, they do not give up and face up no matter how much they are rejected by the hero, and sometimes they start a nasty conversation.
Still, don’t forgive them, because that is their mission as a hero.
(For those who have trouble fighting, we also have easy chin equipment that can be the strongest immediately.)

・ If you have a lust
If you have a lust for them even once, you will be blamed for the meat stick as it is.
Even though he is a brave man who is physically and mentally trained, it is a big pinch if he feels comfortable with his dick!
Let’s resist them to the end with the will of steel, who will blame them forever if left alone.
(For those who are not good at busy operations, we also have a mode in which slip damage (HP gradually decreases) becomes gentle.)

Number of enemy female characters: 17 (all have 1-3 H scenes)
Play time: Approximately 2 hours

From the beginning of the game
・ Recollection room (rematch with your favorite enemy character is possible)
・ Easy chin equipment
・ Slow mode
・ Surrender skill
The above specifications can be selected.

ID: RJ312278
Language: Japanese
Developer: れこnote
Release Date: Feb/10/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Male Protagonist, Coquettish/Seduction, Reverse Rape, Submissive Man


  • Windows
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