Elysia, the Ten Worlds:
a universe under rule of monster musumes.

At the lowest of the Ten Worlds you live in fear and oppression,
wondering if there was some way to change things.

One day,
an angel appears to you with news that you’ve been
chosen to liberate Elysia from its rulers.

Not knowing quite what to do, you are anointed hero by
the strangely wicked angel, and take a sexual rite of passage
for divine protection.

Your journey will take you across the Ten Worlds and pit you
against beautiful, ravenously sexual monsters.
If you should fail, a sperm-drenched hell of r*pegirls is waiting.

Can you save all the worlds from monmusu tyranny!?
Or will the sexy rulers choke out every last drop of your creamy vitality!?

The battle for Elysia, and your adventure as its savior, begins now……

ID: RJ137860
Language: Japanese
Developer: dieselmine
Release Date: Jul/25/2014
Platform: Windows


  • Windows
Size: 2.09GB
Mega GDrive
How to run Japanese H-Games
Use Locale Emulator *Download : https://pooi.moe/Locale-Emulator/
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