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Căn bản là khá giống We have no RICE!
Umeko Aoki had been living a happy married life,
but lost her husband in a sudden accident, and hit rock-bottom.

A few months later…
Though filled with sadness, she gradually got used to living alone,
and began to feel hopeful for the future…

Her late husband’s sister Yuka dropped by.
She saw the sadness and loneliness in Umeko,
and to help accompany her in this time of need,
suggested that she move closer to the step-family.

Umeko hated to be a burden upon people,
but couldn’t say no to the invitation…
More than anything, to fill the empty hole in her heart,
she agreed to move in to her step-parent’s house.

Her step-parents were out on vacation, while Umeko house-sat.
Thus began some time alone in Shirayuri town…

She took this time to reflect on her life,
come to terms with her husband’s death,
and start life anew…

Live life while interacting with the people of Shirayuri town,
Kuroyuri village, and Pikone mountain!
Regional development using her mind and body begins!​​​​

Series: Survival Game
censored: yes
release: Mar/29/2019
last modified: Apr/13/2019
circle: crotch




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