Lapis Gaiden omnibus is here!
One of the heroines of TS Magical Girl Nao! 2nd !!
Lapis spin-off side story work!
In omnibus format, one main story,
There are two short sub stories (be careful because they are really short!).
After the main story, it is a content that you can enjoy what kind of daily life Lapis is living, so
If you are a fan of her, you will surely enjoy it!

* Therefore, it contains a serious spoiler of TS Magical Girl Nao! 2nd !!
Please be careful.

・ Main story original: Hata
・ Main story coloring: Echigoya
・ Illustration: Hata inoino
・ Scenario etc .: Kuro Sanada

・ CV Lapis role: Ai Umehara

ID: RJ333506
Language: Japanese
Developer: Crooked Navel
Release Date: Jul/02/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Transforming Girl, Magical Girl, Uniform, Breast Milk, Slave, Ana,l Corrupted Morals, Tanned Skin/Suntan


  • Windows
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