Tickling only simple mini action game!
A simple action game where you just go through the dungeon while avoiding wandering monsters.
The game is over as soon as you come in contact with a monster!
Tickling blame begins.

If you never get caught, you can clear it within 10 minutes!
However, the demon dungeon is full of malice and it is almost impossible to clear no mistakes at first sight.
Overcome the obstacles of monsters and run through a dungeon consisting of all 10 rooms!

・ Number of stages: 10
・ Number of tickling events: 4

★ If you clear it, you can recollect the event and change the difficulty level.
★ The menu screen cannot be opened during the game, and can only be saved at break points.

ID: RJ311995
Language: Japanese
Developer: Ash’s Forest
Release Date: Dec/25/2020
Platform: Windows
Genre: Female Protagonist, RPG Maker, Tickling, Tentacle


  • Windows
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