The princess of a country is captured by enemy soldiers and turned into a pleasure-addicted exhibition slave through sex training and rape.
She’s turned into a whore for the lustful enemy soldiers, forced to service her own country’s traitorous minister, humiliated in the town square, has her nipples and clit enlarged, gets raped by equine beasts in public, and is even forced to excrete her sacred sword…
The enemy nation looks on her with shame, her own people look on with scorn. In this game, the princess’ pride is crushed as she’s turned into a filthy fucktoy!

A small country where the sacred three blesses the land with fertility and abundant resources, giving to his habitants a peaceful and carefree life.
If other countries tried to take their land away from them, the blessing of the sacred tree gives them powerful magic that only they can use.
Among their magic combatants, Alicia, the first princess, also known as the “Princess Knight”, is unreviled in strength. Thanks to her combat ability and her charisma she has become a public figure trusted by the citizens of Yggdmilia.
Even the military nation, the “Dominus Empire”, which is trying to rule the whole continent, has been unable to invade the Sacred Tree Country thanks to Alicia’s resistance.
However, the tip of those scales changes abruptly when the Empire manages to block the magic of the Sacred Tree Country. Without their magic, they weren’t able to resist and princess Alicia was captured.
Now, to further crush any kind of resistance the empire turned Alicia into a show of public disgrace and humiliation. But after being forced to countless tortures, pleasures, and humiliations, what’s going to happen to the sanity of the charismatic warrior after being turned into a public slave?


Thread Updated: 2021-12-16
Release Date: 2021-07-02
Developer: Pin-Point – DLsite– Website
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
VNDBHimekishi Do Gehin Haiboku Jinsei
Voiced: Japanese
Lewd Rider Ero – Patreon




– English-

Size: 1,75GB

Windows: Drive | Mega | Pixel | DooDrive


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