[Summary] The princess of a country is captured by enemy soldiers and turned into a pleasure-addicted exhibition slave through sex training and rape.

She’s turned into a whore for the lustful enemy soldiers, forced to service her own country’s traitorous minister, humiliated in the town square, has her nipples and clit enlarged, gets raped by equine beasts in public, and is even forced to excrete her sacred sword…

The enemy nation looks on her with shame, her own people look on with scorn.
In this game, the princess’ pride is crushed as she’s turned into a filthy fucktoy!

[Story] The Holy Kingdom of Yggdmillia…

It is a small nation, abundantly rich in natural resources and the glory of nature.
As a result of the Sacred Tree’s influence, the country’s citizens know neither hunger nor war.

When enemies attempt to invade and steal the Sacred Tree for themselves, their armies are driven away by the Spirit Magic that only Yggdmillia’s citizens can use.

The first princess Alicia is strong, charismatic, and trusted by all her subjects.
She is regarded as a symbol of the nation itself.

Even the Dominus Empire, which has unified the continent under the power of its armies, is turned back by the power of Alicia’s magic.

However… the Empire has discovered a magical artifact that allows them to seal any kind of magic. Thus the tides of the conflict were instantly turned…

With their powerful magic sealed, the Yggdmillia army was crushed in short order. Alicia was subsequently captured by the enemy.

In order to set an example for the people of Yggdmillia, and also to pay back Alicia for the trouble she caused them, the princess is turned into a plaything for nobles, commoners, and average citizens alike!

ID: RJ332767
Language: Japanese
Release Date: Jul/02/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Successive Orgasms, Queen/Princess, Fantasy, Ahegao/Gapeface, Outdoor Exposure, Gangbang, Interspecies Sex, Big Breasts


  • Windows
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