[Game] An RPG about getting Valkyrie Liz back to heaven.

* Battles basically don’t give gold.
You must find gold in dungeons, or by prostituting Liz out to horny villagers or adventurers!


Valkyrie Liz has come to the human world, and can’t return to heaven!
To return, she needs a dragon heart, but without money, such a quest is impossible.
What’s the only occupation for a Valkyrie? Why, prostitution, of course!

ID: RJ321802
Language: Japanese
Developer: Studio Cute
Release Date: Mar/25/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Anime, Warrior, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Internal Cumshot, Shame/Humiliation, Coercion/Compulsion, Long Hair, Big Breasts


  • Windows
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