Piriri is an elf girl working as a magical farmer…
However, evil lurks as she is conducting an errand for her mother…

Her errand: To deliver orders to the neighboring villages and faraway towns…

With such an annoying errand and heavy load, Piriri is unmotivated,
but her mother promises her something:

“If you do this for me, you’ll be free to go out on a journey.”

For the forest-dwelling Piriri, travelling has always been her dearest desire!
The promise fills her with fire and motivation!

A walking stick in her hand! Bravery in her heart!
With equal parts excitement and bags of wheat on board,
she takes her first step out into the wide world!

Overcome road accidents! Get around towering walls!
There’s no obstacle big enough for this slippery girl!
Joined by a dragon girl and demon girl,
the journey starts!

Many dangers await…
However, if she has rice, her heart will have steely resolve!
Wherever, whenever, it’s always a good time for walking!

For the magical farm, it’s business as usual!

Release Date: 03/27/2020
Developer: crotch
Website: DLsite
: Yes
Language: English (MTL)

SCAT WARNING! If you download this game may be sure to not be shocked by scat scene.


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