*Ricca/Holy Knight Ricca*
A regular girl living in a peaceful mountain village with her sister Miria. Has a slightly tomboyish, slightly spoiled personality. One day when returning from collecting herbs in the mountains, she finds a mysterious brooch and a fairy. The fairy bestows on her the power to transform into God’s chosen warrior, the “holy knight”, so she can face monsters in heated battles.

*Miria/Succubus Miria*
Ricca’s sister, who is a fair bit older than her. Kindhearted, and the most beautiful woman in the village. She is prone to worrying, and finds it hard to let Ricca be independent. While Ricca is away collecting herbs, the village is attacked and Miria is captured by monsters and transformed into a succubus. Now a demon, and the natural foe of the holy knight, Miria captures Ricca and attempts to sexually subdue her.

A servant of God from the village of fairies, Iris is the partner of the new holy knight, Ricca. Strong-willed, cool-headed and wise. She holds the power that enters the holy knight’s body, and supports Ricca in combat.

A mage girl who saves Ricca when she is being assaulted by an orc. Polite and diligent, she excels in magic. As she lives alone in a forest while her parents are away, she is prone to loneliness.

Release Date: 12/25/2021

Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voiced: Japanese 




–  English-
Size: 3.39 GB
Windows: Drive

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