★ Genre ★
Love ADV in love with a killer

★ Synopsis ★
The hero, Konehide Ichi, who has been suffering from unhappiness in his relatives since he was a child and has extremely few relatives.
His last relative, his grandfather, died and was desperate.
What appeared there was Kiryuin Seira, a sukeban-style hitman.
“… Bone skin. I came to kill you.”
The protagonist, who has become sick on the verge of death, rubs the killer’s chest …
A heart-full romantic comedy that begins by rubbing the killer’s chest!

ID: RJ231948
Language: Japanese
Developer: Ryunos
Release Date: Aug/15/2018
Platform: Windows
Genre: Delinquent/Hoodlum, Love Comedy/Romcom, Gag/Joke, Pure Love, Internal Cumshot, Virgin Female


  • Windows
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