The Divine Speaker in an 18+ BL/Yaoi Visual Novel set in a fantasy world.
Follow alongside Raen – an orphan from the secluded city of Aurelia Cavella,
the only civilization on the entire planet… or so they’re told.
Abandoned for his poor Judgement, the “destiny” given to him by the Divine Speaker,
he grew up thinking his life would be plain and unexciting, and that’s exactly how he liked it.
However, that all changes when he’s expelled from his home on a death sentence,
cast out into the vast and dangerous forest that surround Aurelia Cavella.
Raen must finally come to terms with the fact that there might be something else out there after
all – and there’s more to Aurelia Cavella than first meets the eye.

A fantastical adventure with a large cast of interesting characters
Mysteries, magic, beings of unknown power, murder and more await you in The Divine Speaker.​


Thread Updated: 2022-04-03
Release Date: 2021-07-08
Developer: Two and a Half Studios Website – Patreon – Itch.io – Steam – Discord – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Voiced: English




– English-

Size: 2.48 GB

Windows: Pixel| Drive


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