The story of this work is that Elf Elina goes on an adventure to help her sister Salina’s illness.

In addition to naughty events such as tentacles and goblin rape that she encounters during Elina’s adventure, there are also brothel events …

Elina’s CV is handled by Miki Honda, and all the erotic scenes come with voices.

Also, some scenes have animation.

The erotic scenes seen in the trial version also have voice + animation, so please refer to it.
Inside the Temple of the Spirit, your fellow adventurers can help you with information, items, weapons and armor.

ID: RJ328527
Language: Japanese
Release Date: Jun/30/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Female Protagonist, 3D Works, Elf/Fairy, Sex Industry/Soapland, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot, Rape, Gangbang


  • Windows
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