A disgusting, fat and ugly otaku who loves magical girls that he normally wouldn’t even be able to breathe near , is now the unlikely hero in this near future fantasy magical girl humiliating ☆ training RPG!!

A virgin middle-aged disgusting otaku NEET woke up with special powers one day!!
Of course, why it was this disgusting otaku who became the chosen hero remains a mystery…
Magical girls who are belittled by a fat disgusting hero and impregnated by his inferior genes!
Train magical girls by impregnating them with your dick and change their innocent bodies into dedicated onahole slaves!!
Can you impregnate all the girls and win against the evil organization Epimetheus?!!

There are more than 40 unique erotic CGs!!!


Thread Updated: 2022-03-28
Release Date: 2012-04-12
Original Title: 種づけ孕ませ☆魔法少女~The_RPG~ / Taneduke Haramase ☆Mahou Shoujo ~ The RPG~
Developer: Alpaca
Translator: Chronomium
Censored: Yes(Mosaics)
Version: 2.11
Language: English




– English-

Size: 497 MB

Windows: Pixel| Drive | Zippy


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