Play as protagonist Tate, and try to escape the succubus manor!
Talk to them once, and it’s instant sex time.
However, you’ll need to acquire some information in order to make your escape…

Will you get lost in the pleasure of sex?
Or will you keep your eyes on the prize, and find clues to aid your escape?

Including some reverse H situations where you go after the succubi too! (Choice-based)


Tate’s dream was always to become a butler, and he’s finally got that dream job!
And as a bonus, the manor where he’ll be working is full of cute girls!
But wait, these aren’t regular girls…they’re horny succubi!
He’s just started working, and already they’re lusting after every drop of his cum!
He’s gotta escape before there’s nothing left of him, and he dies!

Can Tate escape the succubus manor?

ID: RJ321445
Language: Japanese
Developer: Summoner Veil
Release Date: Mar/21/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Anime, Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Coquettish/Seduction, Harem, Naughty/Lewd, Verbal Humiliation, Reverse Rape, Big Breasts


  • Windows

PASSWORD: g18vn.com

How to run Japanese H-Games
Use Locale Emulator *Download : https://pooi.moe/Locale-Emulator/
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