Urushihara Nozomi was running late for class and was in a hurry but, he really had to go to the bathroom.
Of course the men’s bathroom stalls were all full with a delinquent, a couple having sex and one out of order so he couldn’t go there.
Instead of going to another bathroom our MC decides to go to the female restroom.
He gets recorded by a delinquent and is blackmailed into recording 10 peeping video for him.​


Thread Updated: 2022-06-13
Release Date: 2022-04-10
Developer: oligeiplayer DLsite
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL)



Game hiện tại không thể dùng Joiplay chơi được trên điện thoại vì

nó có thể crash gây giảm hiệu năng của điện thoại


– English-

Size: 616 MB

Windows: Pixel| Drive | Zippy

Scat Uncensor Patch: Workupload


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