Rumi’s naughty daily life
I prepared a strategy chart.
If you find it difficult, please refer to it.

Somewhere in modern Japan.
A nice buddy and energetic older sister has moved to Sekuhara Town.
Her name is Rumi.
She thrusts her neck into a strange incident in the town with her gentle and nosy personality.
I will put up her body and solve the case.
But … take off one or two skins … is that a big deal?

No battle!
A bright and naughty comedy erotic RPG!

ID: RJ319116
Language: Japanese
Developer: love_tits_seven(lts)
Release Date: Mar/25/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Female Protagonist, Middle-aged Man, Slice of Life/Daily Living, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Naughty/Lewd, Mob Sex, Short Hair


  • Windows


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