Two alchemists, who shared the same dreams and aspirations, formed a strong bond. They spent their lives doing research, hoping that one day they can enrich people’s lives and make the world full of happiness. After several years, they finally gave birth to a new creation.

“A homunculus that can lives outside of a flask.”

The alchemist who started the research was delighted to know that their creation will be a better partner for humans and make them happy. However, he learned that his own partner and only friend had proposed the king to use the homunculi as weapons, and the government accepted. Furthermore, he also learned that as rewards, his friend had received a large sum of money and was given a position as an alchemist in the service of the royal family.


His friend told the alchemist;

“If we use the homunculi in the war, we can reduce a lot of casualties, and if we can expand our territory, our lives will be enriched!”

“This is the most effective way to use our homunculus, it’ll make everyone happy!”

――The bond we had was a “lie”.――

The alchemist was angry, grieving, and in despair. He denounced his friend and appealed directly to the king to prevent the use of the homunculi in the war. However, he was stripped of his position as an alchemist and banished from the royal capital. Disappointed, he returned to his hometown, a fishing village, and began to live in seclusion at his house on the outskirts of the village.

Several years had passed since then.

Even though he heard rumors that the war was over, the alchemist is still unable to heal his emotional wounds, and spends his days living in apathy. Until one day, when he went to a dumping ground in the forest and found an abandoned “sack” containing a “girl”.


Released date: 2022-09-30

Title: 人間不信の錬金術師と元兵士のホムンクルス,
Ningen Fushin no Renkinjutsushi to Moto Heishi no Homunculus
Aliases: An alchemist who distrusts humans and a homunculus who is a former soldier.

Developer: Waffle

Publisher: Waffle

OS: Windows

Language: Japanese

Voices: Japanese

VNDB: Ningen Fushin no Renkinjutsushi to Moto Heishi no Homunculus

Length: Short (7h13m)

Same series: Dorei Himekishi to Dorei Jijo to no Slow Life




– Japanese-

Size: 3,2GB

Windows: Drive


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