Protagonist Chimu falls into the ocean during a trip by boat,
and washes up at a seaside town.
It’ll be 3 weeks before help comes, so in the meantime,
Chimu decides to do some part-time work to help pay back
the kindness of the townsfolk who helped her.
Naturally, the horny men of the island did not pass up this chance…

Will Chimu return home safely!?

Situations include….
– A shoulder massage getting intense…
– Trying to make up for breaking a shop item…
– Gravure swimsuit gravure
– Cafe milk provision…
and more!

The trial version goes up until the mid-point of the game.
Save progress may not transfer to the full version.
* Made in RPG TKool MZ

ID: RJ307369
Language: Japanese
Developer: Apple Market Promotion Union
Release Date: Dec/24/2020
Platform: Windows
Genre: Natural Airhead, Comedy, Slice of Life/Daily Living, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Breast Milk, Milking, Big Breasts, Virgin Female


  • Windows
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