This young male protagonist spends his summer
vacation on a rural island at his aunties house.
Enjoying his days, he gets along with elder girls,
ladies and the other young girls on the island in
this summer time animated RPG.

A somewhat nostalgic feeling emanates from the
entire summer setting. The time passes gently.
Enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, retro style snacks,
bottle collection, cat searching, insect catching,
insect battles at the secret HQ and more!
You can enjoy a very authentic, old school, rural
style, summer vacation experience of a young boy.

Except for one point, this vacation has a “SECRET”.
Something you won’t be writing in your illustrated diary.
Awaiting you is some naughty hanky panky!
Pick up porno magazines, peek on the girls bathing,
watch erotic TV late at night and of course…
perform all kinds of mischief on the girls while they sleep!


Title : My Secret Summer Vacation
Original Title : My Secret Summer Vacation
Language : English, Tiếng Việt





– Việt Hoá –

Size: 1 gb
Windows: | Drive
Size: 500 MB

Android: | Drive
Dịch giả: 90s

– English-

Size: 1 GB
Windows: Mega | Drive
Size: 500 MB

Android: Mega | Drive

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