My Furry Teacher is a short visual novel about your relationship with your new trainee.
Confidence, determination, hard work. These things made you the best math teacher in your town, who’s loved by students and respected by other teachers. However, nothing has changed in recent years, you work in the same classroom, with the same educational material and same wage. But what exactly could you do? Maybe it’s truly the limit of your ambitions? Is it ok to live like this your whole life?…
Gladly, now you don’t have much time to worry about this! Meet Trish, the new chaos element of your life, the trainee who turned upside down everything in just a day! You have plenty of time to know her better, thanks to the snow storm that blocked just you two in the school! Talk, have fun, walk around the school, and maybe it will help you find the answers.​


Thread Updated: 2022-05-31
Release Date: 2022-03-19
Developer: Dirty Fox Games Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows ,Linux
Language: English




– English-

Size: 184 MB

Windows: Pixel| Drive | Zippy


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