● That is the story of a man who was a general store manager in a certain town
He traveled on a journey to meet a new woman

If he still opens the shop
A gentle store manager who gives a lot of salaries to women who are in need of money

There is no reason
Hire women with shy “conditions”!
It doesn’t make sense to have them work normally …
After all there are conditions again!

But I can’t do anything with just money …
The important thing is bargaining with the woman who came to the interview
The conditions she can drink and the limit of the amount of money she wants are pushed to the limit!
Even if you request to exceed the limit of the other party, you will be refused

The money-deficient women who come in this way are prey to the store manager’s hobby
The store manager’s crotch gets hotter enough for women to endure shame
There are endless secrets behind the cash register that customers don’t know about!

Please look forward to the new sexual harassment unreasonable story of the perverted store manager

ID: RJ299526
Language: Japanese
Developer: H:O:T (KARI)
Release Date: Jun/30/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Male Protagonist, Uniform, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot, Molestation, Shame/Humiliation, Big Breasts, Virgin Female


  • Windows
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