Exploration horror RPG
The main character, “Nazuna,” is cursed by evil spirits every night.
Nazuna runs to the night town in cooperation with the girl of the stone tape to break her curse …

■ Game content
It is a search horror RPG of battle pear.
Explore night towns such as abandoned hospitals, Western-style buildings, old school buildings, and graveyards to calm evil spirits.
If you make a mistake or get caught, you will be very terrible. It will not be released until dawn.
20 basic CGs, 100 or more including differences

■ Situation
・ One-sidedly touched and teased by ghosts
・ I can’t stand being trapped in an aphrodisiac gas room and masturbating
・ Electricity blame while being restrained by the delivery table
・ Her bandage ties her whole body around and hangs it up
・ Caught by dolls and blamed bondage toys
・ The whole body is restrained with restraints and trapped in the closet.
・ You can manipulate your body by yourself in the mirror
・ Caught by zombies and gangbanged
・ Whipping on a triangular horse
・ Sewerage that has become a nest of tentacles
etc …
(There is pee, but there is no big scat)
(There is torture and whipping, but no bleeding)

ID: RJ330096
Language: Japanese
Developer: akamiyamozu
Release Date: Jun/26/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Female Protagonist, Successive Orgasms, Loli, Horror, Restraint, Tentacle, Machine Sex, Torture


  • Windows
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