Princess Meltys spent all her life fooling around while living in the lap of luxury. One day the dastardly Grolido Monster Empire upsets her way of life. Now she sets out on a passionate journey to restore her kingdom, but what pit stops will she make along the way?​
Thread Updated: 2021-05-17
Release Date: 2020-09-29
Developer/PublisherHappy Life サークルプロフィール | DLsite Maniax – 成人向け
Translator: Remtairy is creating official English localizations of Japanese adult video games | Patreon
Censorship: None
Version: v1.2r
OS: Windows
Language: English (Translated)




– Việt Hoá –

Size: 1 GB
Size: 1 GB

Dịch giả: M

– English-

Size: 1 GB
Windows: Mega | Pixel

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