Student and teacher… nephew and aunt… Kyoichi and Saeko… a forbidden affair between lovers who can never marry.
One day at school, they made an indiscreet mistake.
A pervert teacher with a fetish for peeping saw everything.
“If this gets out, Kyoichi will be expelled,” he said.
Saeko had no choice but to make love with the pervert teacher, too.
It was only meant to be once, but lies upon lies had piled up, and she couldn’t end their affair.
Saeko, the beautiful widow, slowly awakened to new pleasures while Kyoichi had no idea.
What’s more, her daughter Shiho who was like a sister to Kyoichi was also assaulted by the teacher.
As the days of depravity stacked up, Kyoichi knew that the women in his life were strange……
What to do? Will life ever be normal again!?

ID: RJ085217
Language: Japanese
Developer: Lilith
Release Date: Oct/21/2011
Platform: Windows
Genre: Senior, Teacher, Cuckoldry (Netorare)


  • Windows
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