Two lovers are chased out of town and are forced to live in a dungeon.

Eliminate monsters to create safe spaces to live in.
Mark out food stores and sleeping areas, and create your own home.

You can enjoy romantic one-on-one lifestyle by yourselves or raise a family.
Sometimes heroes come to raid your dungeon, and sometimes you can meet outcasts like yourself.

The dungeon is filled with monsters that use aphrodisiac toxins so strong that you won’t be able to move with lust! Living in a dungeon-like that is sure to amplify your sex life!

Your actions alter the way that your girlfriend responds and talks to you.
Creampie in your girlfriend too often and she may get pregnant.

ID: RJ268489
Language: Japanese
Developer: scottsoft
Release Date: xxx
Platform: Windows
Genre: Slice of Life/Daily Living, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Cuckoldry (Netori)


  • Windows


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