A year has passed since Kenji lent his beloved wife to another man.
Kenji, the protagonist, is gradually feeling stuck in a rut with the same old playtime.
He confesses his feelings to his wife, Marina, and decides to look for a new single man.
The man Kenji finds as his new lender is an ordinary, pleasant, middle-aged man.
Although she thinks he’s a bit of a jerk, Marina agrees to Kenji’s offer.
But she didn’t know.
However, what she didn’t know was that the man was a “sex pro” who had appeared in numerous films as an adult film actor. ……​ 


Thread Updated: 2021-08-20
Release Date: Japanese 2014-08-22, English Patch 2021-07-12
Original Title: 貸し出し妻、満里奈の“ネトラセ”報告2 CASE.元AV男優&敏感妻
Developer: Atelier Sakura Website
Translator: Capu2 Buy me a Coffee
Censored: Yes
Version: Version 1
OS: Windows
Language: English/Japanese
Voices: Japanese
VNDBKashidashi Tsuma, Marina no “Netorase” Houkoku 2 Case. Moto AV Dan’yuu & Binkan Tsuma
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)





– English-

Size: 690MB
Windows: Pixel | Drive

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