In the year 2XXX, suddenly all male lust disappeared.
Humanity is on the brink of extinction now,
and all hope rests on a discovery that could return everyone’s lust; mama’s taking their sons’ virginity!
And so the mamashota society was born…

10 years later.
Protagonist Keita was sexually experienced and well-trained in H techniques long before banging his mom.
He’s a devout follower of the legendary sexer TAKUMA. He never misses an update from him.
His dream is to build a harem kingdom to rival the legendary TAKUMA himself!

ID: RJ330418
Language: Japanese
Developer: dai2hokenshistu
Release Date: Jul/03/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Loli, Shota, Mother, Mature Woman/MILF, Married Woman, Oneesan/Older Girl/Older Sister, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Incest


  • Windows
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