An auto-scrolling kunoichi run & jump action game.

Kunoichi-in-training Mikiri takes on her certification exam, messenger duties, and more!

(ver 1.1.0)Some are available in English.

– 7 stages
– Includes bondage attacks (8 types) with looping animation, and fucking graphics (4 trap types)
– 7 base CG + variations for game over H events (ver 1.1.0) + 2 base CG

– Receive gold depending on your score. Boost your starting stamina and items.
– Stage selection included
– CG Mode, Animation Mode, Unlocked Animation Mode, Zoom included​

Thread Updated: 2021-02-27
Release Date: 2020-20-05
Original Title: Kunoichi Mikiri – Sprint Chronicles
Developer: Lunar Read Palace – DLSITE
Censored: YES
Version: 1.1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English (MENU, INSTRUCTIONS) ,Japanese


  • Windows

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