This is a love story that tells the love story after the sisters who had separated since childhood met again.
On this day, I transferred to a new school.
However, on the tram to school, I was actually “idioted”!
But “she” is a beautiful girl and is still a school girl from the same school as me.
Later, I discovered that her true identity was the younger sister who was taken away by my father when I was separated from the family when I was a child…
This kind of thing…
——The forbidden love of the pink sisters begins here.

This game is an AVG game made by amateurs. It has many shortcomings, I hope you can understand.
For example, some CG styles are quite different, and the characters are not dubbed.
Thank you all here.

Thank you all for your support!

ID: RJ303340
Language: Japanese
Developer: Chained-lily
Release Date: Dec/16/2020
Platform: Windows
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Collar/Chain/Restraints, Sisters, Yuri/Girls Love, SM, Sexual Training, Outdoor Exposure. Shame/Humiliation


  • Windows
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