The world one year after the previous war, the Battle of Knights of Messiah. Celis and Alicia get married.
However, Alicia, the wife of the main character Celis and the princess knight, and Maya, his sister, the fighter
Abducted and kidnapped by Prince Ritz of the Kingdom of Windsor. Alicia and Maya have been waiting for Ritz’s meat urinal collection
It was to become. Princess Alicia and Maya are called by number as one of the meat urinals in his collection in the enemy general’s harem room …

The Battle of Knights of Messiah is the name of the war in which the hero’s country “Moduna” fought with the countries of the empire in the previous work.
It is the world one year after the end of the war.

Release Date:28/12/2021

ID: RJ366373
Language: English,japanese
Developer:Doujin Circle Gyu! 

Platform: Windows


Password: g18vn

  • Windows
Size: 718 MB
Mega Drive
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