War fire SRPG
* Synopsis *
The stage is a certain world, the Gunpurge continent in the midst of war.
At one point, a female student, Kimika, is summoned from a different world.
Kimika, who joined the volunteer army, aims to end the war …

* What kind of game *
Simulation RPG with erotic.
Various female characters belong to the volunteer army operated by the player.
If you are defeated by a soldier or a bandit, you will be mercilessly insulted.

“If this character is defeated here …” when playing a game for the general public
It may be said that the delusion that “help is not in time here …” has been realized.

* Basic CG number *
23 sheets (60 sheets including difference, not including standing picture)

ID: RJ283954
Language: Japanese
Developer: Okonomi Tea
Release Date: Jul/14/2020
Platform: Windows
Genre: Female Protagonist, War/Battlefield, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Coercion/Compulsion, Gangbang


  • Windows
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