Mamoru-kun and his family go to stay at his grandfather’s house in the countryside.

Mamoru is enjoying his summer vacation with his friends in the countryside, running around in the fields and mountains.
For a while, he has to say goodbye to his favorite TV game.

one day, while playing in the river with his friends, Mamoru meets a mysterious boy named Mizuo.

In midsummer, when the number of water-related accidents increases, the waterfront in particular is a place where the world and the other side of the world are intertwined.
Especially by the water, the boundary between this world and the next becomes blurred.
and encountering beings that are not of this world…

A new crisis looms for Kanae and her son!


Release Date: 22/10/2022

Developer:Dot Kobo

Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: japanese




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Size: 285 MB
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