Demon Hunters are on the prowl in the haunted Shunju academy… but what awaits them is far scarier, and less vertebrate, than they could possibly imagine!

The Black Cat Demon-Hunting Agency gets a call about demonic happenings at Shunju Academy, so they send Takeru, their most competent member, to investigate. However, when Takeru neither returns nor calls to check in, Mikoto and Yamato head out to find her. Upon arriving at the school, not only is Takeru not there, the deputy principal tells them she already conducted her investigation and left. There’s still demonic auras afoot, so Mikoto and Yamato must further explore the academy, search for demons, and find out what truly happened to Takeru…


Thread Updated: 2022-08-30
Release Date: Japanese 2017-05-26, English 2022-08-29
Original Title: 新訳 淫妖蟲
Developer: Tinker Bell – Website
Publisher: Jast USA – Website
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: Japanese
VNDBInyochu: Insects of Insemination
StoreJast USA
Size: 3.3 GB




– English-

Size: 3.26 GB

Windows: TeraBox | Drive


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