“Ibuki” is a female ninja who trains and carries out her duties every day as Kunoichi.
The mission requested this time is to infiltrate the mansion of a man who is famous as a villain, grab evidence of numerous wrongdoing, and expose it to the sun.

“IBUKI” invades the target mansion late at night when people sleep, aiming for the best time to infiltrate.
I found a room where a lot of evidence of purpose was hidden, and tried to leave the mansion with evidence …
He was arrested by a ninja hired by a villain who had been informed in advance.

It has been revealed that “IBUKI” is infiltrated by villainous officers with excellent intelligence.
He was waiting to infiltrate and catch him to the point where he couldn’t easily escape.
“Ibuki” has been caught properly.

The captured “Ibuki” is subject to unimaginable cross-examination in order to vomit the purpose of infiltration and the name of the Lord.
However, Kunoichi’s practicing “Ibuki” will not talk about anything.

ID: RJ280313
Language: Japanese
Developer: Shimizuan
Release Date: Mar/08/2020
Platform: Windows
Genre: Foreign Objects, Kunoichi (Ninja Girl), Ahegao/Gapeface, Violation, Sexual Bondage, Sexual Training, Restraint, Rape


  • Windows
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