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You travel around the world exploring the unknown.
And you’ve arrived at the Deep Forest — a place nobody knows anything about at all.
Few people even know it exists. It has no reputation to speak of, good or bad.

At the entrance to the forest, you encounter two girls.
One is a rabbit mage named Rabi, the other a swordswoman named Remi.
Together, the three of you set off into the woods, not knowing what dangers may await…

Remi (CV: Miki Honda)
A female sword-wielder. Proud of her undefeated record against monsters. She’s confident,
maybe overly so, and particularly susceptible to cute things and things of a lewd nature.

Rabi (CV: Hiiro Mamiya)
A rabbit girl mage. Energetic and a bit childish, but diligent when it comes to magical studies.
She’s also quite confident about exploring the forest. Also thinks she looks way cooler than she is.

A touch action SLG with Live2D animations!
– Super-smooth Live2D animation!
– Advance the story by keeping the girls safe from monsters, or just let what happens happen!
– An SLG for busy people! Play at your leisure!

Multiple endings! What’ll happen to our two heroines?
– 9 story CGs, 11 playscene CGs!
– Play CGs include clothing variations!
– Fully voiced!
– Playable on Android smartphones!



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