You may not live the most glamorous life- but you’ve got your own place, a loving wife, and a stable job.
What more could you ask for?
Yet, this peaceful life is about to get a lot more complicated thanks to the presence of a certain supernatural stowaway.
You see- you’ve got a vampire in your garage and he only has one thing on his mind- your wife.
Trek down through a depraved rabbit hole of debauchery and betrayal in this erotic visual novel!

As the days unfold, so too does this debauched drama.
Each day brings new temptations, delights, and a step further into corruption.
Written, directed, and drawn by a single visionary artist, the narrative is intimate and focused,
delivering a concise but effective experience!
packed with plenty of bittersweet cuckold twists & turns!​


Thread Updated: 2022-05-18
Release Date: 2022-05-16
Developer: Hyanmaru Games – Patreon – Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English




– English-

Size: 937 MB

Windows: Pixel| Drive


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