“Mai Ayasaka”, who works for Daruma Shoji as a dispatched employee, loses consciousness after harsh labor.
Mai, who was taken to the hospital, learns from the director of Daruma General Hospital that she was made into a guinea pig with an unusual plan.

Before Mai trying to escape from the hospital,
A patient who has lost reason suddenly attacks.
However, just before being violated, she is helped by a mysterious beauty “Masa Kiryu” who suddenly appears.

A natural girl, “Momohana Seedling,” appears before Mai, who breaks up with Ya and continues her search.
In this way, Mai, Ya, and Nae, who met in the hospital,
Frightened by the fear of rape, he decides to cooperate and escape,
Many mysteries and happenings were waiting there …

ID: RJ137525
Language: Japanese
Developer: Dark tissue
Release Date: Jul/18/2014
Platform: Windows


  • Windows
Size: 258MB
Mega GDrive
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