[Synopsis] Ram and Lil run a magic drug store in a certain town. However, sales are sluggish and management is on the verge of bankruptcy.
The potion prepared by reversing one shot also fails, and the rum covered with medicine becomes a futanari.
In order to collect tools and materials to make medicine to cure futanari, I decided to listen to the requests of the townspeople as well as to advertise the shop.
I think I can take the medicine that was completed safely and get it back to normal …?

[Game content] -It is an RPG without combat elements. It progresses by listening to the stories of the townspeople

・ The hero’s appearance will change depending on the medicine that his partner makes.
There are 12 types of event CG. The whole story includes futanari elements, and there are futanari, monkey, obese, and horse-like ones.

・ After clearing, all CG can be viewed.

This work is created by RPG Maker MV
Please check the operation with the trial version.

ID: RJ275941
Language: Japanese
Developer: 退化第七ステージ
Release Date: Jan/20/2020
Platform: Windows
Genre: Kemo/Animalization/ Transfur, Hand Job, Futanari / Hermaphrodite, Phimosis


  • Windows
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