There was an urban legend of “nightmares,” a phenomenon in which girls who were supposed to be in good health fell asleep and never woke up. The truth is that the nightmare is a monster that feeds on the girls’ “despair.
The girls’ spirits are captured. There is a priestess named Rui who has been reincarnated to fight nightmares since ancient times. However, the power of the nightmare, which has grown stronger after consuming a large amount of despair this time, cannot be countered by the current Ruyori, and so she has to be reincarnated as a priestess.
I made contact with Sana Kuroki, a girl who came back from a nightmare on her own. The world of nightmares is filled with the “despair” of the girls who feed the nightmares, but the unfailing will of the girls whom the nightmares cannot feed has taken shape
There are also “shards of light. The shards of light are the source of Rui’s power and the means to defeat nightmares. Sana and Rui fight together to save the girls from the nightmares while collecting the shards of light.
The purpose of this project is to…

Release Date: 20/03/2022
Developer:Tsuyoi Ko

Version: Final

Language: Japanese
Voiced: Japanese 




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Size: 174MB
Windows: Drive

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