A subhuman with a fungal umbrella on his pointed ears and head.

In childhood, it looks like a fungus and is not self-conscious.
If you continue to absorb nutrients for many years, it will become as large as a human being.

When it absorbs nutrients to the limit, its appearance changes dramatically and it becomes a humanoid figure.

The humanoid Mash are self-conscious and learning, and have the ability to control spores and hyphae.
The difference in nutrients absorbed in childhood is related to the personality and type of fungus when it becomes humanoid.

You can eat with your mouth like a human being, and you can turn what can be decomposed into nutrients.
Semen is also included.

Because semen is a highly absorbed nutrient for the Mash tribe
The Mash tribe has evolved over the years to match its nutrients, leaving only females.

However, human beings, in order to satisfy their libido, because of the provision of nutrients,
The Mash tribe is often violated.

This is an ecological record of two newborn Mash tribes, Kino and Shiro …

ID: RJ331673
Language: Japanese
Developer: SmomoGameX
Release Date: Jul/03/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Female Protagonist, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Blowjob/Fellatio, Rape, Gangbang


  • Windows
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