Protagonist is having fun with his succubus slave Shiruko, when suddenly her sister barges in, determined to bring Shiruko back to their father Asmodeus. Instead she finds herself taken advantage off and fucked silly.​
Thread Updated: 2021-05-16
Release Date: 2011-09-02
Original Title: DS[daemon slave]04 なまいき悪魔姉妹拘束調教
Developer: Kuro Densha/Black Train – Website
Publisher: Kuro Densha
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Length: Very short (< 2 hours)
Prequel: DS[daemon slave]03 Namaiki Akuma Musume Kousoku Monzetsu Kikai Kan
Sequel: DS[daemon slave]05 Namaiki Akuma Musume Monzetsu Shokushu Choukyou
Voices: Ao Inukai


  • Windows


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