Our setting is the venerable city of Kanazawa…

Our protagonist is the (Acting) Director of a Private Detective Agency, tasked with keeping peace in this fair city. As a detective, he’s still a little green, but as a super-masochist, he’s top notch!

His brave assistant is one Satomi Komatsu. The two of them have gotten wrapped up in a case involving strange rings. One such ring has twisted Satomi physically and mentally, and at times she transforms into a super sadist herself!

Our hero investigates the rings hoping to return Satomi back to normal, but he just can’t quite crack the case. Troubles plague him during his investigation, first when he takes another case by the well-endowed erotic novelist Kiriko Noto, and then when the Agency is taken over by the beautiful and mysterious Regina Kaga.

A detective story filled with ups and so, so many downs!! And that’s even before the Queen of Dawn, assassin for the sinister Association, shows up!

What will tomorrow bring for a man who can never improve as a detective and can’t stop improving as a masochist?!


Thread Updated: 2022-12-20
Release Date: Japanese 2014-10-03, English 2022-11-29
Original Title: ドM男探偵がイク3 アナタの××、剥いてあげる♪
Developer: UMe SOFT – Website
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: Japanese
VNDBDetective Masochist 3 -The Case of the Naked Truth-
PrequelsDetective MasochistDetective Masochist 2
Size: 720 MB




– English-

Size: 656MB

Windows: Gofile | Drive | Mega | Pixel


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