Build rooms, hire girls, and make them work for you to earn money!
From the second day on, the “chairman” comes and takes your money. When your money runs out…?
Girls can get STDs, mental illness, and even become pregnant if they get creampied.
When they get pregnant, build a delivery room and let them give birth.
When the girl is born…you might be able to do what you like with her.
If you kill a girl through overwork, be sure to dispose of the corpse.
Be careful, the cops will come if you misbehave too much!
As you acquire skills, unique characters will help you run your business.
When you start making money, you can buy a house and invite your favorite girls home.

Release Date: 5/8/2020

Version: Final

Language: Japanese/English
Voiced: Japanese 




–  Japanese-English-
Size: 172MB
Windows:  Pixel–  Drive 

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