In the near future, humankind has begun to seek its living sphere outside the earth.

Built on an isolated island in an atoll over the Pacific Ocean
Marine Conservation Facility — Commonly known as [Nereid].

The government-led environmental summit held there
An incident occurs in which a malicious terrorist occupies the area.

VIPs and researchers from each country become hostages
While the rescue operation by the Allied Forces is being developed.

The agent “Alice”, who was unofficially dispatched from the military,
He sneaked through the surveillance net and infiltrated the island alone.

The mission given to her is
“A certain device” brought to [Nereid] Recover or destroy before being taken by a terrorist.

What is the fate of waiting for Alice in an isolated and unsupported situation?

ID: RJ317412
Language: Japanese
Developer: Sharktales.
Release Date: Feb/27/2021
Platform: Windows
Genre: Female Protagonist, Military, SF, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Rape, Gangbang, Machine Sex, Long Hair


  • Windows
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