◆ Game system
○ Dungeon with high density
In the main dungeon “Abyss”, there are not only monsters but also residents and adventurers.
Interaction with them and H will be the real pleasure of exploring the dungeon.

○ Lighting system
“Abyss” is dark, and without torches and lighting magic, it is dark.
The brighter it is, the easier it is to explore and fight, but the darker it is,the more experience you will get.

Master the lights and conquer the abyss!

○ Various skills to assist exploration
Mapping, suppressing the appearance of enemies, unlocking, unlocking treasure chest traps, floating and avoiding pitfalls …
Overia and others will acquire useful skills in dungeon exploration.
Areas that you couldn’t enter at first will be able to be explored as your skills improve.

○ Damage undressing
If you take damage, your clothes will tear.
If you attack repeatedly in that state, your vitals will run out and you will eventually be unable to fight.
However, it is not impossible to defeat the superior enemy while becoming a hailless figure.

ID: RJ258705
Language: Japanese
Developer: 天音蓮人 / 武藤FP
Release Date: Jan/26/2019
Platform: Windows
Genre: Clothed, Fantasy, Yuri/Girls, Love Bukkake, Violation, Big Breasts


  • Windows
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